Peace Concert for Ukraine

(CET, UTC+01) (CET, UTC+01)

Grønland kirke, Grønlandsleiret 34, Oslo

On Sunday, January 28 at 19:00 CET Caroline Waters will be performing as a soloist for a Peace Concert for Ukraina in Grønland Church in Oslo, Norway.

Performing with Caroline is a choir, musicians from Bestum Stasmusikk Big Band, organ player Halgeir Schiager and additional soloists Carl Christian Grimstad and Olena Dyachenko.

Conductor and arranger: Stig Asplin.

The photo is a snapshot from Marc Chagalle's famous painting, "Ukrainian Family".

The concert is free to attend, but there will be an opportunity to support Leger uten grenser (Doctors Without Borders) at the end of the concert.