Caroline Waters - "Heartfelt & engaging"

“With a stylistic comfort zone nestled snuggly between George Gershwin, Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones, Caroline Waters is one of those rare artists who have the ability to transform pain and heartache into strength and a love of life that resonates throughout their music. Graced with a clear and tender voice, the multi-instrumentalist is part sultry jazz diva, part international minstrel and part idealistic folkster." Cat Johnson, Santa Cruz Weekly 

Multi-Platinum recording artist Caroline Waters shares intensely heartfelt pieces from her extraordinary life adventure, while accompanying herself on guitar, piano, percussion and sometimes violin. Brilliantly assisted by a variety of world renowned musicians, Waters is currently promoting her new double album and musical, Finding Venus. This musical outlines the story of how Caroline was able to recover and find a sense of identity and purpose after a near death accident that left her with post traumatic amnesia at age eighteen.

"This is art. High art. It is also a compassionate, realistic study of what unsolved mysteries can do to a human life. How do we let go? How do we move on? How do we smile again? We find Venus." A.J. Llewellyn  

Caroline starred in her first movie at age three and often performed as a duo with her legendary entertainer dad, Per Asplin. By age sixteen she had become a celebrated Jazz entertainer and musical ambassador for her home country, Norway, with more than 2000 shows to her name. As a voice over artist, she is best know for her roles as Christopher Robin and Roo in Norwegian film versions of Winnie The Poo.  

Waters graduated top of her class at The Grove School of Music and released her first solo album, Compassion, in memory of her friend, Stefanie Stroh. The search for Stefanie, who vanished without a trace in the Nevada desert, presumably by the hands of a serial killer, was instrumental in helping Caroline find her true calling. Since then, Caroline has been a fierce advocate for human rights, promoting child abuse awareness and women's issues. After receiving status as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Caroline established her music production- and publishing companies in Los Angeles (California), Oslo (Norway), Åmål (Sweden) and is frequently touring. Her productions, so far, include ten albums, music for ten films and two one-woman shows, two musical comedies, one musical thriller and numerous live shows.

As part of her commitment to human rights, Caroline gives keynote presentations and seminars in Vocal Freedom, a program she initially designed to help people heal from PTSD. Today Vocal Freedom is a powerful transformative experience for all who wish to free their expression and enhance their performance ability. For those who wish to heal physical and emotional issues on a deeper level, Caroline Waters is also accepting online clients as an Accredited Journey Practitioner when schedules allow.

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