CAROLINE WATERS is a heartwarming and engaging Jazz Entertainer, Musical Theatre Actress, Film Composer, Author and Healing Artist with a fierce commitment to Human Rights and Vocal Freedom.

So far, Caroline has produced eight albums, music for nine films and two one woman shows, two musical comedies, one mystery novel and one musical thriller. She is currently seeking collaborators to promote her new album and musical, Finding Venus.

Caroline Waters starred in her first movie at age three, toured with the National Theatre of Norway at seven and eight, had a musical written for her to star in at nine, hosted her own TV show at twelve and, at fourteen, joined the Norwegian delegation in Switzerland to convince the IOC to let Norway host the Winter Olympics. As a child star, Caroline often performed as a duo with her legendary entertainer dad, Per Asplin. By age sixteen she had become a seasoned Celebrity Performer with more than 2000 shows to her name.

After recovering from a traumatic brain injury, amnesia and PTSD, Caroline graduated with honors from The Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, she established her own record company and immigrated to the US as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts. Since then, in addition to producing and performing numerous shows, albums and music for film & television, Caroline has pursued a substantial healing arts education as Vocal Freedom Coach, Massage- and Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Matrix Energetics- and Journey Practitioner.

If you have a burning desire to free your expression and enhance you performance ability, you might want to explore Vocal Freedom.

For those who wish to heal physical and emotional issues on a deeper level, Caroline Waters is now accepting clients as an Accredited Journey Practitioner.