From the recording Finding Venus

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Dancing In The Nude is written and arranged by Caroline Waters. Performed by Caroline Waters - vocals, piano, Jennifer Leitham - bass, Katisse Buckingham - sax, Chris Wabich - drums. Recorded at Tom Zink's studio in Long Beach, CA. Mixed by Caroline Waters. Mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studios, Oslo, Norway. Copyrights by Caroline Waters, ASCAP/ TONO. Publishing by Red Velvet Sensations, ASCAP. Stems available.


Words and Music by Caroline Waters

Dancing in the nude
Getting in the mood
Laughing as I groove into my being
Fully alive
Feeling the jive
To be completely wild and seeing

All my worries fade away
As I begin to seize the day
I reach for my spirit in the sky
Flying high
Not questioning why