1. Peace

From the recordings Finding Venus and Peace

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Wings of Love is written and arranged by Caroline Waters. Performed by Caroline Waters - vocals and piano and Carter Dewberry on cello. Recorded at Tom Zink's studio in Long Beach, CA. Mixed by Caroline Waters. Mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studios, Oslo, Norway. Copyrights by Caroline Waters, ASCAP/ TONO. Publishing by Red Velvet Sensations, ASCAP. Stems available.


Words and Music by Caroline Waters

The sky looked like something
Out of a Rennaissance painting
Voluptuous cotton clouds
With shades of yellow, pink and purple
Contrasting the beautiful blue
That remained illuminated
By the rays of the giant fireball
That was about to set over the horizon

Suddenly a shape began to form
About fifty feet from me
"What is that?"
"That is for you"

I could more sense it than I could see it
But I swear it was as real as me
Sitting here and talking to you
How can I describe it

It was like the most beautiful display
Of dancing lights
Almost invisible to the naked eye
Coming out of a vortex of sorts
Smack in the middle of the rosy blue
And it was coming for me

"Am I going away too?
Is it my time to go back into the light?"

"No, honey
You still have a life to live
And songs to sing"