From the recording Talk With Eve

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You Know What I Mean is written and arranged by Caroline Waters. Copyright, Sound Recording and Master rights by Caroline Waters. Label: Redhead Records. Published by Red Velvet Sensations. Stems available.

Performed Live at Cosmopolite Music Hall in Oslo, Norway, with Caroline Waters - vocals and guitar, Deb Girnius - background vocals and guitar, Frederik Barstad - keyboards, Rolf Øyvind Hæg - drums, Ole Marius Meelhus - bass, Unni Damslora - percussion and background vocals.

Recorded by Trond Kristoffersen. Mixed by Trond Kristoffersen and Caroline Waters. Mastered by Ola Johansen, Masterhuset AS in Oslo, Norway. Produced by Caroline Waters.


Words and Music by Caroline Waters

You know what I mean
You know what I mean
When I tell you that I died yesterday
In a long conversation
When I talked and talked and talked and talked
And talked and talked and talked about my life

Before I had no love
Before there was no love in my life
Before I met you