1. Did You Know

From the recording Finding Venus

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Did You Know is written and arranged by Caroline Waters. Performed by Caroline Waters - vocals and piano, Aina O'Kane - vocals, Carter Dewberry - cello, Katisse Buckingham - flute, Abraham Laboriel bass. Recorded at Tom Zink's studio in Long Beach, CA. Mixed by Caroline Waters. Mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studios, Oslo, Norway. Copyrights by Caroline Waters, ASCAP/ TONO. Publishing by Red Velvet Sensations, ASCAP. Stems available.


Did you know, we're the same you and I
Did you know, we can see eye to eye
Did you know, we can fly you and I

Did you know, we are always free
To choose however we want it to be
And create all the magic we want to see

We're perfect parts of each other's creation
Brilliant extensions of our elation
We're more than a mere manifestation
More like a convention of manifest intention
It's all a dream of our construction
Like a really good film production

Did you know, there's a pie in the sky
Did you know, there's no real goodbye
Did you know, we can fly you and I

We're gonna make everything okay
There's no limit to the power of our say
If we listen to our heart and stay
With the groove that it gives us
Day by day

Did you now there's a pie
Did you know we can fly